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We are encouraging our members to post their stories under our “Recovery Rocks” section – here is some excellent advice from someone who attended a workshop just over a year ago – well done Penny – and thank you for the feedback!

My First Step – Take a Break!

The 14th of March 2018 was my one year soberversary (yay me!) and what a year it was. The most surprising thing I’ve discovered is that the real work is only just starting. The preceding 12 months was about stopping digging the hole I was in and figuring out how to start climbing out. In the first 6 weeks after quitting, when the detox was hitting hard, it was those daily Take a Break e-mails that became my lifeline – I lived from e-mail to the next and I got quite irritated if it it came later than expected on any given day. If I had to give advice to someone who just doesn’t know where to start, signing up for Take a Break would be it.

Thank you to everyone involved in getting those nuggets of encouragement out every day, you guys rock

Thank you Penny! – BTW anyone interested in trying our “Take a Break” mails to get them through an alcohol free months just needs to click here

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