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This letter was written by a young man who sustained a serious brain injury after falling off a “party bus” while at university – he spent three weeks in a coma and a further three months in hospital.

He now gives talks to young people to warn them of the dangers of excessive drinking.


Dear Alcohol,

You’re a dick, pal. You’ve lied to me far too often for us to be mates anymore. I blame myself more than you actually… but that’s part of the problem. Why the fuck would I spend time with someone that makes me end up hating myself?

You tricked me when we met and you’d make me feel like a much better version of myself. And we had some good times. And then you got me arrested and embarrassed me regularly and eventually you nearly killed me. Even worse than killed me, actually.

Thanks for that. We took a long break and I was good. I thought I’d learned. I thought I knew what a fucking liar you are. And yet again you tricked me. Nothing costs nothing mate.

So now I’m not even angry with you anymore … but stay the fuck out of my life.

P.S. Go fuck yourself!


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