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Bestselling author, Melinda Ferguson, kindly gave Tribe Sober an exclusive interview at the Cape Town launch of her new book “Crashed”.

Check out her advice about dealing with people who try to pressure you into having “just one drink”…


Melinda Ferguson is the senior feature writer for True Love magazine. Shortlisted for several prestigious awards, including the Revlon Woman of Courage, she devotes her time to writing and speaking publicly about her battle with drug addiction and raising her sons.

Smacked: A Harrowing True Story of Addiction and Survival is the raw account of Ferguson’s relationship with heroin and crack cocaine. She tells of her headlong tumble into an addiction which robbed her of everything she cared about. For six years, she was driven by one motivating force: the next hit. For this, she would abandon her promising film-making career, lose her comfortable suburban home, her husband, her two children, and, in a grueling finale of remorseless self-destruction, herself.

Rescued from the maw of Hillbrow’s drug and prostitution underworld, Melinda not only survived, but recovered to tell the story of how an intelligent, middle-class young woman from Jo’burg hit rock bottom, face first, and clawed her way back to redemption.

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